See the potential in drones like we do?
Join us in expanding DroneCast ads worldwide. Help us spread the future of advertising every city!


  • DroneCast has a large client base
  • You will have the ability to help change the world using drones
  • Earn up to $500/hour
  • Make your own hours, accept/deny any jobs
  • DroneCast takes care of all paperwork hassles, we take care of everything from contracts to billing
  • Use the DroneCast network to find other (non-ad) jobs such as surveying and photography
  • You keep the DroneCast SR1 drone

Learn to operate a drone

Become a DroneCast preferred pilot. Learn the skills you need to maintain your drone, as well as preflight checks, risk mitigation, safety protocols, and overall operations. 

The equipment is yours to keep

Not only do you get training, you also get your own DroneCast drone! Our drones have 50 minute of flight time with a carrying capacity of 6 pounds, that’s one of the best in the industry!

Make up to $500/hour

We work with fortune 500 clients that constantly want drone advertising world wide! This means, if you are a DroneCast partner, with up to date DroneCast equipment, you’re in business! We use you to execute the campaigns for our clients. You can earn up to $500/hour, by simply flying.

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  • Learn

    Learn all the basics of DroneCast operations, including flying, drone maintenance, FAQs, etc.

  • Get booked

    We sell your DroneCast drone ad space to all our existing and future clients, you can accept or reject a event - make your own hours!

  • Papers & Payment

    We will handle the contracts, insurance, and billing on your behalf. We simply take a 20% commission from profit, you get 100% of the remainder.

  • Fly

    Execute the event successfully

  • Pay day!

    At the close of the event, you will be sent payment for your work!

DroneCast SR1 Vs. Competition (Flight time)

DJI Phantom 25Minutes
DJI S1000 30Minutes
DroneCast SR1 60Minutes

DroneCast SR1

Become a Dronecast Partner

Two Ways To Join

SR1 Partner Package
Already have a drone? Membership only package


Do I have to be an expert pilot?

Not at all! We teach you everything. Our rigorous training course puts you through almost all real world situations our pilots have gone through, everything from maintaing and flying a drone to handling clients at events.

We want to make sure you are comfortable flying, before you actually go to an event, we make sure you are trained to the best of your ability.

What happens if a client cancels?

We take 75% at time of booking from our clients. If the client was to cancel, we would take a loss and simply take 20% of the down payment, the rest would then be yours.

Is there a monthly fee or any additional cost?

Nope. We are here to have you join as a partner, not to hit you with hidden charges. When you purchase the DroneCast Partner Program you are a lifetime partner. You may feel the need to buy additional drones in the future if you wish to hire pilots under you, in which case the additional drones would be an extra cost later. If you decide to go down this track, give one of our DroneCast Partner Program Specialists a call at the office and we can work out a great deal for you!

*Please note: Any spare parts such as propellors are an additional charge

Who makes the banners?

We work directly with the client to generate the perfect graphics for their ad. Once graphics are determined, we print the banners on our special material and ship it to you in time for the event!

What about insurance?

We add you to our insurance policy for each event you do with us. This covers you up to 1 million dollars per occurrence in physical damages and up to 5 million in umbrella coverage. If a client would feel comfortable with more, we will make it happen on your behalf.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. If you go to our online store, you can checkout and fill out an application for financing. The financing is really geared towards small businesses/startups however if you are becoming a serious DroneCast Partner, you may apply for an EIN and receive financing through that. We are always available to help you through this process, call us anytime.

What if I cannot make it to an event?

When we make the deal with the client, our system will automatically request the ideal partner to execute the event. You will then have the opportunity to accept or reject the offer; if you reject it, it will go to the next ideal partner.

Do you provide marketing support?

Yes. We handle all marketing on your behalf. We receive countless leads a day – we would simply turn those leads into actual deals and offer you the gig.

Do you limit the number of partners?

Yes. We never want our partner unnecessarily competing over a client. Depending on the size of the region, we will cap off the number of partners. For example, the number of total allowed partners in NYC will not be the same as a small town like Princeton, NJ.