Proudly bringing the future of drone innovation to you today.

What started out as a side business fueled by passion and a supportive ecosystem grew into a large business that is still growing rapidly. We are proud of everything we do at DroneCast. We aren’t just an advertising company or drone manufacturer, we combine the best of both to bring tomorrow’s technology to life. DroneCast works in Healthcare, Marketing, Advertising, and even Wearable Technologies. Our patented technology has been tested countless times, and we continue to improve our safety measures and failsafes.

DroneCast offers both outdoor and indoor aerial advertising platforms. This suite of services is ideal for anyone looking to get their brand the unique and undivided attention it deserves. In today’s hectic world, companies struggle to reach consumers in new and innovative ways. DroneCast is the answer.

Our intellectual property also gives us the right to do promotional stunts. In the past, we have used our drones to carry promo items and drop branded prizes into crowds. This creates an excellent way for your brand to stand out!

But we’re more than just advertising. DroneCast is the only company in the world to develop a patented, life-saving platform that is able to predict a cardiac emergency moments before it happens. We are working on a system that activates EMS and emergency professionals around you and even sends an airborne AED-equipped drone to your location. This will drastically increases the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack patients.

DroneCast is the leading provider of drone-based advertising. As such, we’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. DroneCast is an international media provider.


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